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Skin Cancer Clinic (Lexcen House)

Chandlers Hill Surgery has a dedicated Skin Cancer Clinic in Lexcen House. Dr Hilary Dixon has a special interest in skin lesions and has completed a Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer Medicine. She is available to review any concerns you may have with skin lesions or moles or for an annual review. Your usual Doctor is also able to review any skin concerns or they may refer you to the skin clinic for review and removal of a lesion.



If your lesion requires removal there are a number of alternatives your Doctor may discuss:

  • Removal: Undertaken by Dr Hilary Dixon at Chandlers Hill Surgery.
  • Referral to Specialist.
  • Non-Surgical treatment: eg Cryotherapy (freezing).


Full skin check – 30 minutes

Check of one or two skin spots only – 15 minutes

Please note that this appointment is for a skin examination only. If you have other medical issues you wish to discuss, please book a separate time with your usual doctor.

When attending for a skin check it is important to:

  • Remove all make-up prior to your appointment
  • Remove fake tan
  • Remove all nail polish

Repeat or lost prescriptions

Since it is often inappropriate to provide a prescription without consultation we request that you make an appointment for repeat prescriptions. Under some circumstances we can offer you a “script clinic appointment”.

These are generally available at the beginning or end of the day but times may vary depending on doctor availability. They are booked at 5 minute intervals. These appointments are only for some types of continuing regular medication which does not require ongoing review or for “lost scripts”. If you are starting new medication or ongoing assessment of your condition is required (eg hypertension, diabetes, hormone replacement therapy) then it is NOT appropriate to book a script clinic appointment.

Referral letters

We request that an appointment be made with your doctor for any referral letters.

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